[CD] PREORDER: Jeff Pevar & Inger Nova, "Anthem EP"

[CD] PREORDER: Jeff Pevar & Inger Nova, "Anthem EP"


* Pre-order option for “Anthem EP”: $10 + $5 postage & handling in the U.S.

Jeff and Inger are on tour with the new “Anthem EP” in Italy & Denmark through the end of October 2019, and we will be mailing our CD’s when we return. Preorder today and be the first in the U.S. to have this music! Guaranteed delivery no later than December 15.

Jeff & Inger: https://pevar.com/projects/pevar-nova

Tour schedule: https://pevar.com/events

This 5-song collection (EP) of original music is an eclectic & soulful representation of well-loved songs written by the duet of Inger Nova Jorgensen & Jeff Pevar and includes special guests, David Crosby, Jaese Lecuyer, Steve DiStanislao, Stanton Moore & Joey Heredia. The songs are are a blend of R&B, Funk, Indie, Folk, Pop, Blues & Rock. The record features myriad of instruments (mostly played by Jeff,) with lush layers of harmony and lead singing from Inger & Jeff. This music was produced with love in Ashland, Oregon by Jeff Pevar & Bret Levick. Mastering by Jim Chapdelaine.

© 2019. Jeff Pevar & Inger Nova Jorgensen. All Rights Reserved

Detailed Liner Notes available soon.

Send an email to info@pevar.com for a rush request.

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