Pevar & Kortchmar Duo

Acclaimed guitarists, Jeff Pevar and Danny Kortchmar teamed up as a duo for select performances, blending their original compositions and selections that reflect the many years of their playing and performing music with some of the biggest names in the music business.

Danny Kortchmar is a world renown guitarist, session musician and acclaimed songwriter who's guitar work can be heard on classic hits by Carol King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Don Henley. An acclaimed songwriter himself, Kortchmar penned songs such as "Machine Gun Kelly" for JT, "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" & "Dirty Laundry" for Henley, "Shakey Town" For Jackson and the list goes on.

Pevar & Kortchmar have thrilled audiences every time they have hit the stage together, combining inspired, impassioned guitar music with joyous musical prowess.

The duo performed at Don Odell's "Legends" TV Show in Palmer, MA in front of a small "invitation only" audience. Jeff and Danny were both interviewed beforehand, and the duo performed and videotaped a dozen songs that have been aired on syndicated public access Cable TV shows and on YouTube.

Check out the duo's performance of "Dirty Laundry"


Interview with Jeff Pevar & Danny Kortchmar