ZEPDRIX was born from a Rock & Roll themed Halloween party thrown by Inger Jorgensen & Jeff Pevar in 2014 for the Canyon Concert Series in Southern Oregon. The concept of playing the music of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix was decided by their original Funk/R&B/Rock project, LOVEBITE, which included drummer Matthew Kriemelman, bassist Jacob Ackerman and guitarist Paul Turnipseed. Sparks flew, fans asked for more and additional performances ensued. The newest addition to the ensemble is Bassist, Nick Kirby.

Recently, ZEPDRIX played Main Stage at The Oregon Country Fair as well as the well-loved Hoarse Chorale Stage. Several performances ensued at the Historic Ashland Armory, The Rogue Theatre and many more West Coast venues.

ZEPDRIX , Oregon Country Fair. Photo by Geoffrey Squier Silver

ZEPDRIX , Oregon Country Fair. Photo by Geoffrey Squier Silver

Inger Nova Jorgensen brings feminine grace, soaring vocals and compelling stage presence singing the Zeppelin material. Inger’s vocal range allows her to cover Robert Plant’s vocals with authenticity, yet she brings a wild feminine, infectious quality to the stage.

Guitarist, Jeff Pevar plays and sings the Hendrix material with appropriate abandon, while the entire ensemble tips their hats to honor the music recorded by these amazing artists in celebration of this iconic material.

Accomplished Guitar player, Paul Turnipseed is a fabulous addition to this project -he and Jeff Pevar dig into the Guitars trading scorching solos. They have each studied the music extensively, paying homage to this incredible catalogue, but also giving it their own flavor.

Veteran Blue Man drummer, Matthew Kriemelman has been a Zeppelin fan since he picked up the sticks, and gives the project what to needs to fill out the rich, iconic drum techniques of John Bonham.

Bassist Nick Kirby is as solid as they come, pouring the grease with his funky rock grooves while never holding back to help drive the train.

A Pacific Northwest favorite, this tight rock project has been performing as ZEPDRIX for 6 years (& 9 as LOVEBITE) for large audiences at festivals, theaters, corporate events, and private venues across the U.S.



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