[CD] From The Core

[CD] From The Core


From The Core“, the debut solo album from Jeff Pevar, recorded in the Oregon Caves National Monument.

The music on this album began as 12 improvisations recorded on acoustic guitar and mandocello for the PBS documentary “The Marble Halls Of Oregon”. After the National Park Service heard this music, they asked if Jeff would consider releasing it as an album of it’s own. Jeff then decided to take artistic license and bring the tracks recorded in the caves back to his home studio and overdub various instruments.

As the project evolved, he invited some very special guests to add their unique flavor to select pieces, including Jon Anderson, the voice of YES, who co-wrote lyrics and sings on the single, “River Of Dreams”.

Jeff had no idea when he was creating this music, what he would play or where the songs would end up harmonically, never mind it end up becoming his debut solo album, but it all comes “From The Core”!

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