Jeff's First Solo Album!!!

We are a short time away from the release of a Jeff Pevar solo recording project that friends and fans have been waiting for for a loooong time. Here's the story: Jeff was asked to compose music for a PBS documentary on the Oregon Caves. After agreeing to the project, Jeff was asked if he would be willing to record the music for the documentary in the caves themselves! Without working out any ideas beforehand, Jeff went about a mile into the earths core and wrote/improvised 12 songs in 3 hours in the caves. This solo acoustic music is being used in the PBS/SOPTV Special "The Marble Halls Of Oregon", which is slated to be airing this spring and summer in millions of homes all over the US.

After hearing the music that Jeff composed in the caves, the National Park Service inquired if Jeff would be willing to offer this music on CD and available in the National Parks and NPS website.

Jeff agreed, but rather than present the 12 songs just as solo acoustic guitar music, he decided to use all the tracks he recorded in the caves (on acoustic guitar and mandocello) and overdub various instruments to those performances to add a "deeper sonic tapestry" and release it as his first solo CD! It has been titled, "FROM THE CORE"

Jeff admitted, "I have been daunted by the challenge of what music to include on my first solo CD for decades, partly because my musical interests are so varied. If I include them all I would probably be making a too musically schizophrenic CD, or if I just do one style I might run the risk of being pigeonholed as a solo artist, so this is the perfect way to have it happen. I had no idea that in 3 hours I was composing all the songs on my first CD! And I have the perfect alibi, if someone doesn't dig it.. Hey, I wrote it in only 3 hours in a cave!"

Jeff is busy putting on the finishing touches on the project and has brought in some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS to add some unique color to the recordings. More info soon! Stay Tuned!