Jeff Pevar Interview on Inside Music Cast

img-feature-post-20130108-INSIDEMUSICCAST Sometimes in life, all it takes is one connection to set things in motion. For Jeff Pevar, it was a connection to Rickie Lee Jones by his good friend, Michael Ruff that was an initial turning point, early in his career as a musician. Jeff toured extensively with Rickie, but this exposure helped open the doors to other connections. Since that time, Jeff has gone on to perform and record with an amazing array of artists, such as Ray Charles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, James Taylor, Marc Cohn, Kenny Loggins, Carly Simon, Phil Collins and Dr. John, to name a few. Fast forward through his busy career and you might find it surprising that this incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist never released a solo album – until now. The recently released, debut solo album “From The Core” is a unique project that was originally not intended to be a solo release, rather music to support a PBS documentary called “The Marble Halls of Oregon.” Jeff recorded his tracks inside the Oregon Caves National Monument, and when the National Park Service heard his compositions, they encouraged Jeff to release it as a solo album. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Jeff Pevar. (On iTunes #95 - Episode #115)

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