Jeff enjoys the unique and challenging role of producing and co-producing music projects for various artists who either come to his studio to record their music or have Jeff record for them at his studio and send his self-produced tracks to them.

Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist and is often playing other instruments in addition to guitar for his clients, including Bass, Mandolin, Dobro, Lap Steel, Banjo, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion.

Jeff has also been busy writing songs for TV shows and composing music for movie scores on his own and in collaboration with others.

For example, Jeff has been co-writing songs with his friend Bret Levick that have been featured on numerous TV shows including the show Sons Of Anarchy called “So Many Ways Back Down” where Jeff plays all the guitars and the the song “Sky Is Falling” .

Listen to a song of Jeff’s featuring him playing all the instruments from the Pevar/Levick CD “Modern Americana & Neofolk” called “Shegobah”.on the show, Lucifer.

Jeff co-wrote the song “Jesus Of Rio” with his friend, Graham Nash for the CD “Crosby & Nash”. Jeff is featured playing the nylon string guitar and James Taylor is the guest vocalist on this track singing with Graham and David. Veteran studio musicians Russ Kunkel on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, Luis Conte on percussion and James Raymond on keyboards.

Jeff recently played bass and guitars on many songs of David Wilcox’s new CD “A View From The Edge”. On the song “Santiago” Jeff plays acoustic bass and electric guitar.

Jeff has collaborated with a myriad of artists over the years playing various instruments and styles. 

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Here is a song Jeff scored and played all of the instruments on for an independent movie written by Scott Blum, called Walk-In.

"The End Of The Beginning" FROM the Walk-In Soundtrack