Jeff Pevar and Inger Nova "Anthem" EP

Very excited to have 5 songs mixed and mastered for our advance EP, "Anthem"! These are songs my beautiful wife, Inger Nova Jorgensen and I composed for our new Jeff Pevar and Inger Nova original music project. (To stay informed of our latest news please join our Jeff Pevar and Inger Nova page on FB) The CD's will be available soon at
As Inger and I are touring in Italy and Denmark starting late September, we wanted to bring our "Anthem" CD on the tour. While we are working on finishing 10 songs for the final CD project, timing only allowed us to complete a 5 song EP. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be able to offer these 5 gorgeous recordings to our Eurpoean fans (and to those who prefer not to wait for the 10 song CD). Special musical guests include David Crosby and Jaese Lecuyer (on additional vocals), Steve DiStanislao, Stanton Moore and Joey Heredia (on drums). We also soooo appreciate the brilliant contributions made our dear pals, Bret Levick for his invaluable assistance in the mix process and Jim Chapdelaine for his expertise with Mastering this project. Other special thanks go to Dave Marshall & Cornflower for their assistance working on the cover design along with Inger and to the talented Jayden Becker and Mark Arinsberg for their beautiful photography. CD's are being printed as we speak! Wahoo!!!! So proud of this music! I love you for all your inspiration and creation, Inger Nova Jorgensen, Artist. 'Now Is The Time For Everything"!!

Jeff Pevar