Jeff Pevar’s Debut Album “From The Core” On iTunes!

The long awaited Jeff Pevar debut CD is now available! You can either purchase an autographed copy directly from Jeff by going to the ‘From The Core’ page and get the email addy to order one made out to you, now!! It is also available as a download from the iTunes Store!

Jeff’s First Solo Album!!!

We are a short time away from the release of a Jeff Pevar solo recording project that friends and fans have been waiting for for a loooong time. Here’s the story: Jeff was asked to compose music for a PBS documentary on the Oregon Caves. After agreeing to the project, Jeff was asked if he […]

Jeff Pevar @ Tapeworks Recording Studio 3/24/2012

I wanted to let you know that I am playing a solo house concert on Sat March 24th at the Tapeworks Recording Studio at 770 Maple Ave in Hartford. $25 per person. Concert starts at 7 pm with an optional 6 pm “Eat and Greet.” Email me at if anyone would like to reserve seating. […]