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The reviews I have been receiving from friends, associates, heroes and fans for my debt CD “”From The Core” has been overwhelming. I am truly grateful to those who took the time to share their thoughts and feelings.i am proud to share some of them here. Thank you all for your time and thoughtfulness. I am so honored and pleased this music has touched so many hearts.

From within the Oregon Caves comes some of the year’s most beautiful music: acoustic, organic, melodic and soaring, Jeff Pevar’s From the Core earns its title. This is album is gorgeous and surprising; one of the finest earth-centered guitar albums since the best of Michael Hedges, with immediate impact and deeper layers that reveal themselves over time—much like the sacred caves themselves.
~ Eric Alan, KLCC-FM
It’s truly beautiful, masterful, and a  remarkable achievement,,,to say the least!
~ Tommy Emanuel, CGP

Damn, this beautiful!!! The story of how it was written and made is such a great one…  There’s so much to love.
~ Will Ackerman

Nice work you spelunker you…
~ Jorma Kaukonen

Hi Jeff! Your album is F—ing awsome! Everybody loves it.
~ Pat Simmons

I have an autographed copy of From The Core. For me it is a spiritual masterpiece.
~ Bill Beyer

I’m loving the new CD.  The best way I can describe it is a lush, musical landscape that’s both atmospheric and earthly. Warm, rich and inspiring. I find something new every time I listen to it (in my car, to and from work!).
~ Chris Demaria

Listening all the way through for the 2nd time, I come up with this: Amazing/Earthy/Lovely/Spunky acoustic guit. based songs, played by a virtuoso, but you don’t have to be one to love the songs!
~ Doug Fergus

Many thanks, Jeff. Your great album has been the soundtrack to my year so far!
~ Dave Zimmer

Awesome & amazing are very often overused. In this case they do not do justice. This is an extraordinary piece of work, from the standpoint of pure creativity & the highest levels of musicianship. To be in a place to allow such beautiful music to flow through you unfettered by technique or forethought is such a testament to your spirit, talent and dedication to your art – that you have so perfected. I’m both blown away & humbled.
~ John Colby

Hi Jeff, The cds came and it’s really wonderful. It sounds amazing and I am stunned at how great the project turned out. Well done my friend!!
~ Gary Burr

Simply incredible new album, Jeff! It is a masterpiece. And the song with Jon is sublime.
~ Glen Nelson

It is STUNNING!  Every piece is truly worthy.  Must have gone thru my ears 7 or 8 times so far today and I love every single cut. They are so diverse…and all so incredible that picking a fav will likely change from day to day, and probably include them all at some point. Not at all surprised, but especially grateful to have the “essence of Peev” bouncing in my ears.
~ Michael Brown

Absolutely breathtaking… Truly deep feeling, cellularly activating, new earth music… World tree roots! A true classic!
~ Cornflower

Jeff! Yur music is fanfrekintastx!!!! .. u r brilliant.
~ Marcella B

This is so worth the wait, Jeff. I’m so glad you didn’t go for all the fast licks and usual stuff guitar players of your caliber often do on their records. Instead “From The Core” is a profound musical statement that you can be proud of and that listeners from all types will enjoy. It’s moving, emotional and glorious. Thank you! I can’t wait for your next one!
~ Winston O.

When we saw you play at Doug’s studio this summer and you previewed a song from this CD, it took my breath away. It immediately reminded me of Paul Winter Consort’s “Icarus”, in the way it made me feel. Your CD makes my heart soar. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a wonderful feeling!
~ Gwen Z

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful debut “From the Core” which I’ve been taking in over the last few days.  It’s really amazing that you improvised these tracks over just a few hours. I think the natural sonics of the caverns were definitely captured and not lost in the production phase which was, I suspect, key for the mood of the album overall.  As expected, your performance was stellar in integrity, spirit, and conviction. I especially liked “Twilight over Kashmir” and is perhaps my favorite compositionally.  Found myself humming that one.  Also, I think “River of Dreams” was a treat with Jon Anderson’s contribution. Anyway, just wanted to share some reactions with you. The very best of luck and continued success with the CD.
~ Joi

Jeff, I could go into how GREAT this CD is, but I’m sure you’ve received many of those, and you are well aware of how good it is. I will just say I have played the entire CD EVERY day since you sent it, and that says it all. I don’t even listen to the Beatles every day! But, I want you to know that your music and playing have continued to inspire me to PLAY every day, and THAT is the highest compliment I can give ANY artist. You have REALLY touched my heart and soul with your music. May you receive the rewards that this project truly deserves, and continue to entertain and inspire generations of us to be the best we can be!
~ Mark Eastman

Man! This CD is AWSOME!!! I’ve listened to the first three songs at least 7 or 8 times, stop there because I’m maxing out and I am blown away. Then I put it back on again at the beginning! I like this music because of the organic way that it came about, it’s all quite cosmic. The stuff that was added to it to make it what it is, is unique and makes it hard to categorize.
~ John H.

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying listening to “From the Core”. I gave a cd to my 18 y/o nephew, who plays guitar. He told me after listening to it he wanted to throw his guitar out but I urged him to keep playing, and keep listening to and playing with the best. I love this organic approach to playing music, an homage to nature. Really beautiful! Congratulations on a masterpiece!
~ Frank M.

Hi Jeff, We have been enjoying your CD over the Holidays. The vibe of the album is hypnotic and the album is strong – start to finish. Your writing, playing and the recording quality is all excellent. Congratulations on an great record and congrats on this being your 1st solo record!
~ Steve

My son and I listened to it in the car yesterday 3 times in a row and we both loved it! I love the diversity but especially like the bluegrass violin inspired work that reminds me of some of my favorite albums by Darol Anger and Barbara Higbie. I am also really digging the harmonies on the Bats song. It reminds me of Zappa, but the harmonies are inspired and much deeper than Zappa’s. You should be very proud – this is an extremely impressive debut and a formidable work of art! Yay!!!!
~ Scott B

What a major work of art you have created! Can’t stop listening!
~ Timo

Thank you so much….it’s amazing…recorded so clear and full….your touch….elegant…
~ Mark

My wife and I were all alone for New Years.  We lit some candles, sparked up our outstanding audio system, loaded your disc & suddenly – time simply stood still. From the first echoes to the last chords we were transfixed.  We both said afterwards that the music created our own individual internal movies, giant, sweeping epics of the wild West, of the mysterious natural world, of the folly of man and the near simultaneous wonder at how freaking great man can be.  More than once I found myself thinking that you’d hit the center of the target Hans Zimmer aimed at with his scores for Phenomenon and Thelma & Louise. I was completely dumbfounded by your guitar work.  Pretty certain I’d sell my soul to be able to pick like that.  I’m hoping that wasn’t how you came by those skills. Jeff, this is wonderful music.  Thank you for making it.  Thank you for making our New Years.
~ Charles W.

I gifted your new CD to 10 of my good friends and family. I absolutely love the new CD. The choice of instrumentation is excellent. The album works on many levels including spiritually and emotionally. The choice of using Jon Anderson’s vocals is truly special.
~ Larry Friedman

I have to say that your album is really beautiful. I’m on my third trip through the whole project and it gets better with each listening. I really love it. I feel that there are no wasted notes, no flashy but meaningless guitar athletics of stupid displays of virtuosity. Every track really rings true. You don’t ever waste your remarkable chops on notes that don’t really convey some nuanced emotion. That above all else is what I love so much about your playing. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have been able to work with you over such a long such a long time, and frankly somewhat astonished to have ended up on this project.
~ Jon Coster

Greetings Jeff, Received your 2 CD’s. Really amazing work  — your playing, instrumentation and concepts you’ve produced! I will truly enjoy listening to your music again and again.
~ Jim H.

Just a quick note to say I have been listening to “From the Core” quite a bit over the last several days. I continue to be moved by it with each new listen. Evocative, inspired, fluid, haunting and ethereal are just some of the adjectives that come to the forefront of my mind as I am listening. I find that the cadences, shifting tempos, stylistic changes from one song to the next and overall mood of the music bring out many feelings and a strong sense of movement. This music is transcendent. As humble and generous a man as you are, you should not hesitate to be so proud of yourself for what you have created on your first solo CD release. This music is you. It has truly been a gift to enjoy your playing for the last 21 years or so, in many permutations. “From the Core” offers an enduring testament to the depth and breadth of your inspired talent. I just was feeling these things as I was listening this morning and felt a strong need to let you know. Stay well, my friend.
~ Dan Cohen

I’m listening, (repeatedly) to “From the Core”, and I can truly say it is some of the best music and guitar work I have heard in years. Thank you for being a musician and bringing this into my life. I can’t wait to spread the word.
~ Greg Steele

Jeff, I wanted to send you the little “poof” books my students created. I have 22 kids who will be going into kindergarten this coming September.We listen to music daily and some is from your CD, “From The Core! They “fly” around the class to your song about the bats (mom bats, dad bats, fairy bats and ballerina bats) and they later listen to “River of Dreams” after PE. The lie on the carpet with the lights dimmed, imagining they are rivers flowing to the sea, and relax! Thank you so much for being part of our class. My kids feel a connection to you through your music!
~ Mary Lee

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