• Adeline Miller

    Looking for the date CPR performed in Wilmington, Delaware at The Grand Opera House. Probably 2006–2007

  • zalewskimm

    Love the new David Crosby album “Croz”. Shades of CPR. Just missing the “P” though. That reunion would have been magical. Best to all.

    • Inger & Jeff Pevar/Jorgensen

      Thank you. Croz keeps on reinventing himself which is amazing. I love that guy. I hope he continues to play music for as long as he can breathe

  • RRL

    I saw a recent interview with James Raymond talking about CPR. You guys were magical, what happened???

    • Life moved on and people get interested in different things. There are some personal issues and some financial issues involved too, but there is a lot of love there and certainly the music speaks for itself.
      If it was up to me, it would have happened already so, we’ll see. Worst case senario the recordings live on! Thanks!

    • Inger & Jeff Pevar/Jorgensen

      As life moves along friendships change and peoples priorities change due to their own needs and desires. I think it was a number of things. Everything has it’s time, and this is no exception. I think everyone has great memories of the experience, and who knows, maybe someday we’ll get on the stage again but whatever is meant to be. It certainly was a wonderful ride and I am quite proud of what we accomplished together. The music lives on!

  • Steve Waldron

    Happy Holidays JP!
    I know home for the holidaze…..sorry can’t make the Infinity NYE show.
    Do you have any plans to jam the small CT venues while you’re home? Hungry Tiger ? Old Well Tavern ? Maple Tree ? It was a real trip to run in to you at the airport in Philly last fall. Hope all is well with you and yours. Hope our paths cross again soon.
    Happy New Year !
    Steve “Wally” Waldron

  • Mitchk

    Just caught JID@Westbury, NY. Brilliant! To borrow a lyric, “Come back baby, I wish you would…”

    • Thank you for the kind words! I hope you grabbed our new Grateful Jazz CD to cover you in the interim! Happy Holidaze to you and yours!

  • Ralph

    Just caught your 3/25/17 show at Infinity Hall in Norfolk. Fantastic show! Nice of you to bring Hallie up for a couple of songs. Powerful voice. Once she gets her stage presence together, watch out! The band was tight. Matt Zeiner did a great job on keys and Dave Lavorski is smooth as Jif Creamy PB on bass. First time I saw you was at Mystic Blues Fest 3 or 4 years ago on the Sunday night bash in Westerly. My wife and I were impressed. When she saw tickets for your show, it was an easy birthday present. Thanks for a great show and hope you have a safe trip back home to Oregon.