Jeff has worked on various studio recording projects over the years. Below is a compilation of various recordings where Jeff’s contributions can be found.

Please note:

Recordings marked with an asterisk (*) notates Jeff’s involvement in co-production.
Recordings marked with a percentage sign (%) notates compositions Jeff wrote or co-wrote.


Anastasia & John “That’s You and Me” Gonzomatic – ’98
Aztec Two-Step “Of Age” Beacon – ’93
Jackson Browne “Prophets & Virtues” – instrumental duet Windham Hill (yet to be released)
Ray Charles “The Spirit Of Christmas” Columbia – ’85
Ray Charles “Just Between Us” Columbia – ’88
Joe Cocker “One Night Of Sin” Capitol – ’89
Shawn Colvin ” Fat City “ Columbia – ’92
John Coster* “The World Has Changed” Sakkara Records – ’02
Crosby, Pevar & Raymond*(%) “Just Like Gravity” Gold Circle- ’01
Crosby, Pevar & Raymond*(%) “Live at The Wiltern” CPR Records- ’99
Crosby, Pevar & Raymond*(%) “CPR” Samson Music – ’98
Crosby, Pevar & Raymond* “Live at Cuesta College” CPR Records-‘ 98
David Crosby & Graham Nash(%) “Crosby & Nash” Sanctuary – ’04
David Crosby “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” Atlantic – ’95
David Crosby “Thousand Roads” Atlantic – ’93
Tom Dean “My Own Backyard” Dev Prod – ’99
Devonsquare “Bye Bye Route 66” Warner Bros. – ’91
Robbie Dupree “Smoke & Mirrors” Polystar – ’97
Cliff Eberhardt “The Long Road” Windham Hill – ’90
Cliff Eberhardt “Mona Lisa Cafe” Shanachie – ’95
Peter Gallway “Yes,Yes,Yes” Gadfly – ’96
Doug Ingoldsby* “Can’t Do This Alone” Cathedral Peak – ’99
Rickie Lee Jones “The Magazine” Warner Bros. – ’84
Chaka Khan “The Woman I Am” Warner Bros – ’92
Lenny LeBlanc “Bridge” Integrity – ’96
Tony Levin “Waters of Eden” Narada – ’00
A Little Less Blue “self-titled” Independant – ’02
Little Blue “Angels , Horses & Pirates” Renegade – ’97
Francesco Lucarelli “Find the Light” Route 61 – ’10
Meatloaf “Greatest Hits” A&M records – ’98
Medicine Band* “Dangerous Kingdom” Prime – ’96
Gary & the Moodswingers “Treat Me Like a Job” Blue Light – ’91
Jenny Muldaur(%) “Jenny Muldaur” Warner Bros. – ’92
Pete Nelson “Restless Boy’s Club” Signature Sound – ’96
Laura Nyro “Angel in the Dark” Rounder Records
Yoko Ono “Warzone” Unreleased as of yet
Dana Pomfret* “Talk” Dakini Music – ’95
Dana Pomfret* “Soul Collage” Warner Bros. Intl – ’98
Dana Pomfret “realtime” (Indie) – ’02
Prefab Sprout “The Gunman and Other Stories” EMI Records, Ltd. – ’01
Sofie Reed *(%) “Baby Boo Got Gone” Independant. – ’04
Michael Ruff “Once In A Lifetime” Warner Bros. – ’84
Michael Ruff “Shake A Little” (Indie) – ’97
John Sheldon “Boneyard” Signature Sound – ’95
Carly Simon “Romulus Hunt” Angel Records – ’93
Carly Simon “Film Noir” Arista – ’97
Samite “Stars To Share”(compilation CD) Windham Hill Records – ’99
James Taylor “That’s Why I’m Here” Columbia – ’85
Jeremy Wall “Stepping To The New World” Amherst – ’92
David Wilcox “Big Horizon” A&M – ’94


Other projects Jeff has been involved with:

Maia Amada, Antara and Delilah , Jim Barbaro, Kate BennettJeff Bisch , Breakfast, Julie Catlin Brown, Cindy Bullens, Jack Caldwell, Joe Cerisano, Chattering Magpies, Lui Collins, Liza Constable, Mark Curry, Jeff Elliot, Alex Forbes, Alan Friedman, Stefano Frollano, Peter Gallway, Dave Gott, Lorin Hart, Willi Jones, Dave Keyes, Cathy Kreger, Karen Thurber, Jeff Larson, Peter Lehndorf, Joe Linus, Bret Levick, Fred Lessman, Francesco LucarelliEric Lynn, Donna Martin, Lachlan MacLearn, The Mayocks, Pat McGee, Marion Meadows, Joey Melotti, Aaron Nicholson, Stephen Nystrup, Jon Phelps, Tom Pirozzoli, Steve Postell, Liz Queller, Eugene Ruffolo, Rachael Sage, The Scoldees, Jon Smith, Randy Tico, Susan Toney, Thomasina, Steve Vozzolo, Jamie Walker, Steve Yanek, Zorki, and others..


Also appearing on these foreign releases:

Thomas Fersen “Le Bal Des Oiseux” Wea (French Release)
Thomas Fersen “Rond Des Carrot” Wea (French Release)
Baby Miss Julia “Roomful of Gardenia” CMC (Scandinavian Release)
5th Avenue Band “Really” Pony Canyon (Japanese Release)
Gerrard Blanc “A Cette Seconde La” Dreyfus (French Release)
Bread & Butter “Marie” Fun House (Japanese Release)
Clement Masdongar African Dance Artist Released In UK


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